About Special Teams University

In the game of football, a lot of focus is put into the offensive and defensive schemes to try to win a game. Often times the importance of the kicking game (special teams) can be overlooked or at times ignored.

If you ask any winning coach, they will tell you how important consistent and reliable specialists are to the success of a team. There are too many games that are won or lost within a small point margin. A bad snap, shanked punt or missed extra point/field goal can be the difference between a win or loss.

At Special Teams University we offer one-on-one, small group, mini camps, regional camps, and NCS Camp events. Our goal is to offer services to anyone who would like to learn how to correctly snap, kick, or punt.

Lessons include instruction for every level of athlete, video review, intro to drills and routines, mentorship, and 24/7 access to the Special Teams U coaches. We offer evaluation, competition, and filming sessions where you can see yourself as we coach you through the drills. We are also a partner of National Camp Series so that you can have the chance to be rated and exposed to ALL COLLEGE PROGRAMS!!

Special Teams University is not just another kicking camp. Unlike many camps we pride ourselves on coaching every aspect of special teams, not just kickers and punters. Special Teams University was put together by Coach Kyle Stelter in order to help local athletes better themselves. At Special Teams University we are dedicated to developing all specialists: long snappers, kickers, punters, and holders.

We work with beginner athletes all the way to the very best and has worked with other top coaches to bring you the best drills, advice, and information around. Unlinke most specialist coaches and camps we focus on individualized coaching. We do not use the same mold for all of our athletes, we take what you do and give you the tools to do it better.

Our goal is to help as many athletes as we can reach their goals whatever they may be. Feel free to contact Coach Stelter if you would like to get to work and improve yourself!


Coach Stelter

Special Teams University